Population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau recently revealed that Hays County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the entire United States with populations equaling 10,000 or more from 2016 to 2017.

Just south of Austin, Hays County ranked in at fourth place and grew from a population total of 157,104 to 214,485 in a span of just seven years.

Additionally, the total number of housing units in the county also grew from 2010’s total of 55,188 to 2016’s total of 70,192. This equates to a 78.62% increase.

In terms of median home value, in 2016, this total of $195,800, while in 2016, the median price of a home in Hays County totaled $60,495.

Other counties that made the list included Comal County, which ranked in at number two with a population total of 141,009 in 2016-2017, previously being at 134,142 residents.

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