Homes For Sale in Kyle TX

Searching for homes for sale in Kyle TX? You’re not alone! Thanks to the onset of nearly two dozen brand new subdivisions that will house residents, as well as a population that could potentially reach 100,000 sometime within the next 20 years, city leaders in Kyle have gone on record stating that all of the many growing pains of the city are absolutely necessary in order to help successfully accommodate the eventual growth.

Over the next few years, the city’s residents can expect to see a total of 21 brand new residential subdivisions constructed, with the proposed number of lots totaling nearly 47,000. This is great news if you’re searching for homes for sale in Kyle TX. Kyle’s city manager states that both affordability and location means that a factor such as growth simply cannot be avoided. On the other hand, if home buyers start preparing everything early enough, they will be able to save both time and money.

homes for sale in kyle tx

Because of the actual growth, there remains a lot of demand for infrastructure. For instance, the network of roads is currently heavily traveled and the sewer and water systems are reaching the capacity that was initially built years ago. This is leading to officials constructing additional amounts of capacity in order to help serve people who are searching for homes for sale in Kyle TX.

In terms of the roads, it’s said that they were built to a specific design standard, as only a certain amount of traffic was expected during a certain time of the day. These roads will be updated, which will include lane widening and strengthening. This will help to accommodate the overall increase in traffic.

Both wastewater and water connections are challenges, as well; however, the city of Kyle has been working with many developers in an effort to determine new solutions. This includes subdivisions that will share water towers. Officials say that they don’t necessarily want any additional infrastructure to help maintain a water tower on each subdivision property, and that instead, each one will share its own tower.

If you are searching for homes for sale in Kyle TX, keep in mind that these growing pains will be temporary. Contact the Mata Real Estate Team today!