A familiar shopping complex in San Marcos, Tx will be getting major renovations to the 32,000 square feet of retail space. This will include over 233 new apartments, Chuy’s, Gold’s Gym and new stores.

The complex known as Springtown Center was recently purchased by Endeavor Real Estate and is expected to be completed in 2019. The shopping area will now be known as “The Lyndon” after former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who attended nearby Texas State University back when it was known as Southwest Texas State Teachers College.

The new apartments will target a mix of Texas State Students and young professionals. Mixed use shopping complexes are growing in popularity. Up until this complex was purchased it a failing strip mall with only 10 percent store occupancy. Now that renovations have started, the complex has 100 percent occupancy and the stores are reportedly very happy with the changes.

“We are delighted about Endeavor’s investment in the Springtown Shopping Center, which acts as the gateway to downtown San Marcos. Endeavor is taking an existing facility and bringing to it opportunities that will enhance our local economy. Chuy’s, Gold’s Gym, and The Spot by EVO ensure that Springtown will be a major retail, entertainment, and dining hub for San Marcos and our neighboring communities,” Adriana Cruz, President of the Greater San Marcos Partnership, said.

San Marcos has been catching the eye of major developers like Endeavor Real Estate thanks to the large student population. Texas State University has over 40,000 students, most of whom live off of campus.

Springtown Center is the perfect location for student living because it is down the street from the Texas State University’s main campus in between the stadium and I-35.

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